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We are sure most of you have heard about (or seen!) the newest art attraction to hit Byron Shire – it sits in the old Woolies carpark in town and looks all quite mysterious, with it’s black exterior and windowless walls. OTHERWORLD promises an immersive art and light experience in the heart of Byron Bay, but not much is given away until you step inside. We chat to director, Simon Richardson to discover just what OTHERWORLD is all about:

What is the vision for OTHERWORLD?
To showcase brilliant digital art from local, national and international artists. To bring to locals and visitors a reimagined gallery where interactivity and immersion is part of the experience.

Who are the creatives behind OTHERWORLD?
Chris Deckker is our Creative Director. For over 30 years, he’s created global events & festivals including: Return to the Source, Earthdance, and OneDome, which is an Immersive Arts Venue in San Francisco featuring the world’s biggest multi-user AR/XR activation.

How can practicing artists engage with the space?
We are always looking to collaborate with artists and also plan to commission works moving forward. We support local artists and also engage with artists beyond our region.

How is OTHERWORLD involving local community and community stories in the programming and vision?
In collaboration with local indigenous creatives, we are working on a 360 degree cinema dome film that captures the essence of indigenous views on earth, air and water. We are also providing opportunities for schools with developed, curriculum focused excursions being offered.

What is coming up in 2024?
We are looking to further establish ourselves in the region, and are exploring establishing a town wide festival featuring immersive art and light experiences.

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