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Gabrielle Miller is a director and performer bringing ingenuity to the stage and screen through music, dance, acting, puppetry and mask.

Gabrielle trained at the Atelier für Physisches Theater in Berlin and toured worldwide with her swing show, Zap. A chimerical storyteller with a wide reaching practice, Gabrielle has devised a number of works, including the AC/DC meets Rocky Horror cabaret If You Want Blood, dementia dissecting comedic tragedy Baba, a visual anthology starring recycled objects, Wunderwagon, and most recently the transcendent lake performance, What Happens in the Dark. Gabrielle played Ms Trivago in advertisements worldwide as well as lead roles in films Bystro, Ius Talionis, Die Proses, Adventurados and Outback Motel and is a part of Remote Control Productions ensemble directed by Michael Laub.


What is your favourite outlet from your diverse creative practice and why?

I love exploring the different mediums with which I can tell a story, this is why my practice is so varied. One of my fave outlets is making stuff; costumes, puppets, masks, a spaceship out of a plastic bottle and a sparkler, that kind of innovation really gets me going. Oh and dancing, I lurvvvve dancing!


For those yet to watch your short film Bystro, explain to audiences what they are in for?

A very tasteful porn…


What was your inspiration behind this film?

It is a satirical statement on the fast consuming, superficial dating culture.


What other projects are you currently working on? 

I just wrapped a film directed by the talented Minka Bleakly. I played the lead and my fresh little 4 month old son also made an appearance. Now that I’m a mum, I am working on a kids TV show version of ‘Zap’, with my partner Will and our Greek guru, Petros. I am also about to release a sunglass collection I co-designed with the fabulous Fritz Frames. 

Still from Bystro short film. Pictured – Gabrielle Miller and Maxwell Cosmo Cramer. Shot by Maria Chiara Venturini
Gabrielle Miller ‘Fritz 3000’. Photographs by Moriah Overell, graphics by Rafaela Cunha

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