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Marcos Micozzi is an Argentinian virtual reality audio engineer who joins our current group exhibition, <cite>. Themed around emerging technologies, the exhibition is open at Lone Goat Gallery in Byron Bay from January 27 – February 25.

Marcos’ use of emerging technologies explores the sonic and visual impacts of noise. As an audio engineer, he has a keen ear for experimentation, focusing on recycling sounds that don’t seem to fit in conventional music structures. Through his practice he re-imagines these sounds and creates a space for them to relate with preconceived musical scales.

Playing with the concept of permanence, these sound sculptures are both a musical performance and sound/art installation, with the ambient music developed in collaboration with band Desmond Cheese. Beginning with a performance by Desmond Cheese wired into Virtual Reality, Marcos was able to control the movement of sound in space.

The aftermath of this performance was captured data that Marcos then used to create sculptures, each isolating different musical elements. These digital sculptures were then brought back to the physical realm through 3D printing.

Marcos’ sound sculptures are currently exhibiting at Lone Goat Gallery.

Film by Dom Sullivan

This project is made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.

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