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Themed around emerging technologies, our next group exhibition <cite> will be opening at Lone Goat Gallery in Byron Bay from January 27 – February 25 featuring the work of Ernesto Sumarkho, Hunter Wilson, Liv Enqvist, Mia Forrest, Marcos Micozzi and Thomas Marcusson.

The official opening event will be held on Friday the 27th of January from 5pm.

Emerging technologies are having a profound impact on the arts, and artists are exploring these technologies in a variety of ways. From virtual reality and the metaverse, to digital software and equipment, to conceptual explorations of technology within traditional practices, <cite> showcases the diverse ways in which artists are using these technologies to push the boundaries of artistic expression. The variation of works on display invites viewers to engage with the themes of technology and art, and to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of these emerging technologies. Join the conversation and discover how technology is transforming the world of art.

Image by Ernesto Sumarkho


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