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In this exhibition, Bundjalung artist Kylie Caldwell uses allegory, metaphor and authentic imagery to explore intimate cultural codes reverberating around her, emphasising perseverance, evolvement and fortitude. This eclectic collection of woven works, thread themes willing openness and understanding to connect to femininity, humanity and our environments. Caldwell plays with vessels and sculptural shapes, inviting you to appreciate refined, tactile imagery reminiscent of traditional and contemporary socio-cultural experiences and encounters, her dreaming.

The fibre work references past generations of weaving traditions in both overt and subtle ways. Woven Dreams share the dream to weave, a cultural practice which has been renewed through indirect and direct opportunities. The collection of work celebrates revitalisation whilst bringing forth individual contemporary expression, unique creativity and artistry within the context of a rich cultural framework.

Exhibition open from 16th July – 16th August at Grafton Regional Gallery located at 158 Fitzroy Street, Grafton.

Photography by Kate Holmes.

Ballina Shire

MOB 2019

Byron Shire

Richmond Valley


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