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Self is open at Grafton Regional Gallery from April 30 – July 3 featuring Joe Swepson, Stephen Garrett, Xanthe Dobbie, Laith McGregor, Fabian Pertzel and Antoinette O’Brien. The official opening event will be held on Saturday the 28th of May from 2pm.

This exhibition aims to participate in important and ongoing global conversations through varied gestures, expressions, and understandings of gender.

Using the lens of their own experiences, artists are contributing works that expand upon or challenge existing understandings of gender from social, political or cultural perspectives. Works exploring gender performance, identity or how gender informs the way we experience the world are also included.

Image | Soft Edges by Holly Ahern and Eden Crawford Harriman installed at Northern Rivers Creative exhibition at Lone Goat Gallery, 2021. Photograph by Jaka Adamic.


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