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4’33” is open at Elevator ARI in Lismore from August 13-27 featuring the work of Michael Donnelly / Betty Russ, Immortal Soil, Grace Fayrer, Casino Wake Up Time, Steep St and Jeremy Austin with live performances from Jeramy Austin, Kit Webster, In The Flowers and Desmond Cheese X Marcus Micozzi.

The official opening event will be held on Saturday the 13th of August from 4:33pm.

Inspired by the avant-garde composition by experimental composer John Cage, 4’33 aims to provide aesthetic permission and encouragement to go beyond the limitations of standard gallery walls and engage with the infinite possibilities of how art can meet its audience.

The exhibiting group of local experimental and interdisciplinary artists are each expanding the edges of all art forms including visual arts, video, sculpture, performance, sound and design.


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